About Constello

A Digital Marketing Audit Company

Digital marketing audit company - Constello Digital Intelligence

Jason Pohl and Gerry Wiebe, the founders of Constello, a digital marketing audit company, have decades of marketing experience under their belts. After years of developing digital campaigns for their clients, they kept hearing the same question over and over again, “How do we know this is the most effective digital marketing investment?”

That question sparked Constello to life. Jason and Gerry went to work to develop a comprehensive digital marketing audit that is being used today to help companies and investors benchmark their performance and position themselves for growth.

For millennia, stars and constellations have helped people identify their location and navigate uncharted waters. Today, Constello is doing the same for digital marketing.

Gerry L. Wiebe, MML
Founder | CRO
Jason C. Pohl
Founder | CTO

Our Values

Ownership + Equity: We take pride in and responsibility for our efforts, our risk, and our reward.

Visibility: Our process is as important as our results, and we strive for sustainability in all of our practices and behaviours.

Excellence: We strive to work at the highest level possible; yet we also understand that perfection is not the end goal.

Strategy + Foresight: We make moves based on strategy and calculation; we act with wisdom and make informed decisions.

Transparency: We are real people working toward a common goal. We do not hold back or hide from each other in our work or in our interactions.

Caring: We treat each other and our clients with empathy and compassion. We speak good news and hard news from a place of support and kindness.

Trustworthy: Our clients and coworkers can trust that we have their best interests at heart, and are willing to be tested on it. We do what we say we will do, and don’t do what we say we won’t.

Resilience: We have the courage and determination to carry on, regardless of how demanding the situation may be. We stand because we lean on each other.