About Constello

A Digital Marketing Audit Company

Digital marketing audit company - Constello Digital Intelligence

Jason Pohl and Gerry Wiebe, the founders of Constello, a digital marketing audit company, have decades of marketing experience under their belts. After years of developing digital campaigns for their clients, they kept hearing the same question over and over again, “How do we know this is the most effective digital marketing investment?”

That question sparked Constello to life. Jason and Gerry went to work to develop a comprehensive digital marketing audit that is being used today to help companies and investors benchmark their performance and position themselves for growth.

For millennia, stars and constellations have helped people identify their location and navigate uncharted waters. Today, Constello is doing the same for digital marketing.

Gerry L. Wiebe, MML
Founder | CRO
Jason C. Pohl
Founder | CTO