Case Study: Wiebe Industrial Services + Apex Specialized Rigging and Moving Services

Wiebe Industrial Services is a B2B marketing company that specializes in the construction and industrial sector. Their goal is to elevate their clients’ marketing beyond technical brochures and low-performing websites with proven solutions that result in increased revenue, improved customer service, and a stronger company culture.

When they were approached by Gary Klynsoon, the new VP/GM of Apex Specialized Rigging + Moving Services, the Wiebe Industrial team knew they had a challenge on their hands.

“Our parent company just merged several new acquisitions into one established brand, and they hired me to run the new business. What now?”

Apex needed to redevelop their digital assets and consolidate their branding, marketing, and customer communications; all in very short order. In other words, they needed a complete marketing reset to align all their moving parts toward a common goal.

After learning about the unique challenges of the Apex project, our team came back with the Constello assessment method. We proposed a comprehensive market analysis that would benchmark their branding and digital marketing against best practices while also comparing their position in the market against their top competitors in the industry.

Our fact-based research provided our client with the clarity they needed, indicating marketing priorities, strategic alignment, and potential return on investments.

The depth, top-down clarity, and low-risk return of our report resonated strongly with Apex, as it enabled Gary and his management team to easily understand the path forward.

Meanwhile, Wiebe Industrial appreciated the report for its precise and actionable recommendations and unbiased accuracy. They subsequently integrated our reports into their long-term planning process for the Apex account and have used it at regular intervals to measure their progress.

The implementation of Constello’s insights and recommendations yielded remarkable results for Apex within a two-year timeframe, positioning them for an anticipated 50% increase in annual revenue.

“Our brand has never been stronger,” Gary told us recently, “and our marketing has never been more focused. In fact, we are now employing the same fact-based process to train our sales teams.”

Inspired by this success, Wiebe Industrial implemented Constello’s digital marketing audit with several other clients with equally strong results. This consistent performance even prompted their founder, Gerry Wiebe, to join Constello as a partner and chief revenue officer.

“The facts/data revealed in each report provided a clear path to higher client focus and profitability. It was so powerful a result, I was compelled to get involved in this business,” Gerry said.

“Using the data to show clients how to fast-track actionable changes with direct bottom-line impact has become one of my favourite ways of getting them to understand how powerful and profitable a well set up marketing program is.”