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Streamlining Success: How Constello Provides Simplified Marketing Solutions

TLDR: Marketing is hard, but Constello exists to provide simplified marketing solutions.

Marketing is a challenge. Even for seasoned professionals, the unending lists of decisions to make, with a sea of metrics to consider for each can be daunting. Marketing is both a science and an art, requiring an understanding of psychology, design, data analytics, budgeting, and project management. Moreover, we have to keep our fingers on the pulse of current political, economic, and social events, and understand how our specific audiences feel and are affected by them.

The job of a marketer is to take all of that information and find our business’s unique position and proposition in the midst of it. Like all things in life, some days it’s easy and the direction flows naturally. On other days, it can feel like an impossible riddle to solve.

Enter Constello, a marketing analytics tool designed to remove the guesswork and make your marketing strategies the most efficient and effective they can be.

How Constello Makes Marketing Easier

Constello was made by marketers for marketers (and the people they report to) to make life easier. Our digital marketing audit was born out of a need to simplify and streamline our client assessments with absolute certainty in our results.

Our reports are designed to be a health checkup for your marketing strategies. They’re clear and accessible to stakeholders at many levels within the business sector, but detailed enough to provide constructive direction and insight for seasoned marketers.

Constello audits focus primarily on internal practices, strategies, and content, and reveal how they stack up against your top competitors. Many companies can benefit significantly from simply updating their methods and assets. A great example is improving webpage loading speed, which can impact conversion rates by up to 22%. But if you’re looking for a full strategic overhaul, we can help with that too.

Constello provides simplified marketing solutions in three ways:

Insight: We analyze your digital marketing footprint to help you understand exactly how effective your current strategies are. Our reports focus on your website structure and performance, as well as any tactics you’ve employed to attract and engage your audiences.

Clarity: You’ll gain context for your digital position with an analysis of up to five of your top competitors. By performing the same analysis on their marketing strategies, you can understand who is setting the standards in your industry, and where you can find your unique advantage.

Direction: Constello reports include tailored recommendations for items that should be urgently addressed, areas of improvement to boost your performance, and avenues to explore that could lead to significant growth.

Marketing will always be a challenge, and at the end of the day, that’s what makes it just as exciting as it can be frustrating. Whether you’ve been stuck in the same old rut for a while or you’re looking for a whole new approach, Constello is here to make your work easier and more effective.

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